Roulette Is A Game Of Chance With Many Ways To Win - Take A Look!

Roulette is one of the easiest games to grasp in the casino.

This short guide is designed to shed light and provide a breakdown of some of the additional bets a player has at their disposal. Initially one may be under the impression that to win at Roulette one has to place their bet on the correct number, but in fact there are also various combination bets.

As most will be familiar with, the carousel is spun in one direction with the ivory white ball rolled around the wheels' rim in the opposite direction, eventually settling in one of the numbered slots. The slots are numbered from 0-36 and alternate low and high numbers and also color, red & black.

Unless the ball settles in the zero slot, it will land on Black or Red. Also that number will be considered either a Low or a High, and will be in a specific column or part of a particular Dozen. Looking at the accompanying Roulette table where the players place their bets, there are a number of spaces one of which for them to select, as well as the actual numbers.

On the periphery there is Red, Black, High, Low, Odd, and Even. Placing chips on any of these will return even stakes that is for every dollar staked a dollar is won, should the bet be successful.

Just before the individual numbers themselves, are three individual Dozen boxes. 1-12, 13-24, 25-36. This essentially breaks the numbers down into dozen 'blocks' and the player if they wish, can bet on the winning number coming within the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Dozen.

Below each of the 3 columns of 12 numbers is a box for a Column bet, 1st Col., 2nd Col., and 3rd Col. Should the ball land on any corresponding number's column, winning bets as with Dozen bet are paid out at odds of 2-1.

Other bets include Splits, where the player places their chip or chips between adjacent numbers for odds of 17-1. Streets, where the chip is placed before a strip of three numbers to the border's left, paying odds of 11-1.

Select Corners with the chip touching four numbers corners for 8-1 odds, or perhaps Six Lines where 6 numbers forming a line are selected offering odds of 5-1. Pick the correct lucky number or win straight-up, and Roulette pays out a very nice 35-1, but as can be seen there are plenty of ways to win, which makes it all the more fun to play!

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