This complete guide to video poker will help you ace the game quickly

These days, the video variant of poker is very popular among gamblers throughout the world. The game is fast paced and offers excitement together with a low house advantage. Like all the worthwhile things, you have to study how to properly play the game and know where to play so you can get the best experience. Here is a comprehensive guide to video poker that will help both beginners and ace players alike. For start, you need to find where to play, preferably a good online casino with many playing options and poker bonuses that will help you to win.

Essentially, from a mathematical standpoint, this game is fairly simple. A 52-deck card, at times 53, is used and these cards are constantly shuffled with a random number generator embedded in the machine. As soon as you press the deal button, the top five cards will be displayed. You can choose between holding and discarding the cards. When you press the deal button again, the cards you discarded will be replaced by new ones. The discarded cards will not be dealt anymore. Once the second deal is done, you will get your winnings, if there is any, and the cycle will begin again. Every hand is independent from the previous ones and is made up of randomly selected cards.

In this guide to video poker, betting options and how to manage your funds will be discussed, too. Most machines will allow you to bet from one to five coins in every game. It is advisable to bet five coins because a bonus is given on the royal flush for those who do. In the royal flush, a 1-coin bet wins you 250 coins but a 5-coin wager rewards you with a win of 4000 coins. This means if you bet between 1 and 4 coins, each coin is equivalent to a 400-coin win, while if you bet with 5 coins, each coin is equivalent to 800 coins if you win. The theoretical profit percentage is also increased when you bet with 5 coins ¬- a bet of 1 to 4 coins only has a 98.37% but a maximum bet of 5 coins has 99.54%.

Usually, players categorize this poker variant to be the same with slot machines. In this video poker guide, however, the differences between the two will be tackled. Although in a way it is similar to slot machines, they are totally different from each other. here, you are always aware what your odds are in making a royal flush but there is no way to determine how much chance you have in getting a winning line up in slot machines. Another key difference is skill; playing this poker variant necessitates skill. Similarly to regular poker that nowadays, you can play online in live poker rooms. If you prefer this variation of the game more, find out the best places you should visit on the casino site Also, long-term profit percentages in this game are generally better compared to slots. With this, hopefully you will make a better decision next time you choose between this game and slots.

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